the question has always been - 

"how can I make my life an inspiration to [everything that i do]?" 


the quick backstory

If you ask my mom what I am like, she would tell you I am wildly "all over the place". I love to travel and try new things, so I spent most of my youth doing more extracurricular activities than my homework. Fast forward to now, I realised the joy I feel in trying and seeing new things/people stems from a feeling I can not find anywhere else - and that is the mind-blowing excitement in being in spaces or conversations where ideas collide

My design process revolves around this excitement. From research to implementation, I actively bring in new perspectives to build processes/products/designs that are intuitive and meaningful. I also travel frequently, which has made a huge impact in my thinking and my work. 


Some fun facts you won't find anywhere else:

1) I used to play the drums + percussion in a jazz band
2) I ranked 2nd in the province of BC in Discus (I may be small but don't mess with me ;))
3) In 2016 alone, I've travelled to 26 cities


For my formal education and training, take a peek at my Linkedin.
For my periodic updates, here's my Instagram.

Currently based in Seattle, WA. Drop me a line if anything resonates with you! :)